A Hard Reset

The events of the last year have made a lasting impact across nearly every aspect of our lives.  While many of these changes were put in place as a temporary hold on what we considered regular everyday actions, some are likely to be permanent.

A large percentage of the public is working, learning, traveling, shopping, dressing, and eating differently. The actions themselves are not new to us, but our behavior around them is. Industries are responding to these new shifts with innovative solutions to help us plan for what’s next, and to help us stay in touch when being together in person seems like a distant memory. People are reacting by making adaptations that help to maximize their quality of life.

We’ve previously mentioned in our blog posts about new stressors, such as Communication Debt, and how those are impacting us. What comes next when every facet of life has to cope with these factors and more?

Perhaps it’s time for a hard reset or a renewed mindset that helps us focus on what matters, and why we spend time on things that don’t. We have watched wellness, as a category, grow over the years and the latest focus appears to be about creating more space for understanding, compassion, empathy, and standard of living.

When the pandemic forced us to spend more time at home we saw a shift around household roles, as to-do lists started to multiply like Gremlins fed after midnight. Keeping everything in focus became a second job, and for some a third. New distractions, including Zoom meetings, bored kids, and needy pets became enough to make anyone’s head spin. Here is where we started to see people discover their solutions to cope and thrive collectively, although apart from each other, in the face of constant change.

The increase in apps and digital platform usage for entertainment, education, and work created a new category of communication, and of leisure activities. These apps allowed us to maintain connections with family, plan virtual trips and dinner parties, and commune with friends all from the comfort of home. We also saw a rise in baking, cooking and preparing food-at-home, and a slew of other hobbies crop up as ways to fill our sudden supply of free time. One of these hobbies included the resurgence of tie-dye clothing which has been officially adopted as a cozy uniform, adding whimsy and color to our ever-growing sweat pants collection.

With wellness becoming a larger focus in our lives, both physical and mental, there is a deeper discussion around what’s coming next. As more of our familiarity slowly returns in the coming months, how can we maintain our core needs, including being comfortable and feeling safe? When the time comes when we are suddenly expected to snap back into an old routine, the option of resetting and retuning may be a healthier alternative.

Just as we are navigating an uncertain course in human life, we are carving out new paths for creating the life that we want for our future selves. These perspective shifts are impacting how we want to work and play, and what we want to wear while doing it. The good news is companies are listening and catering to giving everyone more flexibility in how they want to hit their reset button.