Wisdom vs. Intelligence

There is some online discussion right now about the difference between wisdom and intelligence. The bottom line is that intelligence is about acquiring knowledge. Wisdom is about taking the perspective learned from life and applying it to our knowledge. In a succinct statement, that is the difference in analyzing your audience by behavior vs. analyzing […]

Technology’s Role in Our New Routines

Technology has a more critical role than ever before in connecting us to our jobs, healthcare, and those important to us. What’s driving innovation is our need for interconnection and how technology can aid all areas of our lives.

Energy and Sustainability

Shifting attitudes towards sustainable energy are helping to place the issue at the forefront of consumer interest. What’s changing is how companies approach this topic with different consumer groups through personalized messaging.

Help Wanted

Staff shortages, difficulties in re-hiring, and recruiting are all affecting the restaurant and hospitality industries. In response to this, businesses now offer pay increases, new work models, and various employee incentives to lure them back.


The concept of FOGO, or Fear of Going Out, is gaining traction as safety restrictions continue to ease. We are exploring how this human behavior shift could impact every category in the post-pandemic future.

Cup Dropper

Holistic Health and Pharmaceuticals

Wellness is trending across many categories, including the rise of third-party prescription services, holistic health, and the interest in functional nutrition. This behavior shift leads to innovative pharmaceutical industry changes and how consumers approach whole-body health and well-being.

A Hard Reset

Not everyone is ready to return to their previous routines around work, home life, and even their wardrobes. This uncertainty is getting the attention of companies who are focusing more on flexibility to reach a larger consumer audience.