Manufactured Hope

Happy Holidays! Wait…too soon? You mean you aren’t in the holiday spirit mere weeks after Halloween?

Talking To A Robot

Any number of workplace discussions these days can land on the subject of automation. Will it replace people? Will jobs be cut or merely streamlined? What price will we pay, both in terms of expensive builds and expensive mistakes?

Planning for Tomorrow

Planning for the future is not what it used to be, but at some point all generations have to look beyond the day-to-day and figure out what’s next.

A Happy Medium

The Internet of Things has made it possible to have smart technology that brings us closer together and makes aspects of our lives easier; but, what does that mean for children?

Second Chance Nostalgia

Recognizing that it’s not often we get to walk the same road twice, here’s the question: Is the journey as enjoyable—and accessible—as we remember it?

The Speed of Information

The other reason the local paper is irrelevant is because those who make the news don’t need it as a distribution provider anymore.