Hot Topics: Q3 2020

If you’ve listened to any news update in the last month or two, there are basically three topics: pandemic, politics, and religion.

The End of Anticipation

The pandemic is creating a new way of life for most everyone, from remote work to remote learning, and the changes continue from there.

All Eyes on Z

What does loyalty really mean to the generation that created its own celebrity culture and sees no clear delineation between the real world and the virtual?

Back to What?

I’d say fasten your seat belt, but school buses don’t usually have them. Regardless, there’s a long road ahead.

Home for the Holidays (Literally)

As we begin to enter the second half of the year, there’s a new wave of traditional experiences that are slowly coming into focus—and they’re all surrounding the holiday gauntlet.

Echo Media

The rise of the social media echo chamber has come at a crucial juncture for our culture.