Energy and Sustainability

Sustainable energy is moving to the forefront of the world’s collective conscious. On a personal and systemic level, there is an acute interest in powering the world with a reduced reliance on fossil fuels.

Precipitated by early-movers such as Tesla, consumers are highly engaged with alternative energy vehicle options. This consumer interest, coupled with shifting political forces, has caused a majority of car manufacturers to commit to a more electrified fleet of vehicles in the near future.

Municipalities are finding ways to ensure their own sustainable future. Petaluma, CA, has recently put in place a two-year moratorium on the construction of new gas stations. This is one part of the city’s plan to achieve a carbon-neutral status by 2030.

This shift in consumer attitudes means that everyone has some relationship to sustainable energy. Still, a key issue is finding who is most likely to engage when given the opportunity to engage in green energy positively. Everyone perceives surrounding sustainability in their own distinct ways. Finding the differences within consumer populations and speaking to them personally is the most effective way for messaging to resonate.

Extracting these unique differences within consumer groups and delivering to each nuance is where WHYSDOM Personas can deliver unrivaled efficacy. With device-driven and behavior-based insight, Personas can position sustainable energy in a way each Persona group can best receive the message and let it speak to them on a fundamental level.

One of our Personas, The Environmentalist, fits into the evidence described above. This group is invested in protecting the health of the planet, and focuses on transparency and sustainability wherever possible. This Persona wants to be a part of a team that positively impacts the environment, both now and for future generations. The Environmentalist wants to be shown that the products and services they choose contribute to a sustainable future.

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