Luxury Brands Love Video Games

Louis Vuitton. Whenever that brand is mentioned, the words exclusive, limited and expensive may come to mind—and with good reason. The luxury brand is known for its expensive collaborations, the kind in which a normal hoodie can suddenly cost as much $3,000. However, Louis Vuitton’s recent collaboration may finally have offerings accessible to everyone.

Riot, the creator of the popular League of Legends game, and Louis Vuitton have become unlikely partners in the world of eSports. Every year there is a world championship for the video game League of Legends, and for the next three years Louis Vuitton will be designing the trophy and trophy case. Of course, the Louis Vuitton branding will be prominent both in real life and virtually in the game.

Such a partnership brings new opportunities, both good and bad, to the vast following of League of Legends. Players that normally would not be able to afford such pricey luxury items, let alone be marketed to, can now purchase virtual branded items for a fraction of the normal cost. The downside is that such a partnership sets a precedent for in-game advertising in games that were once free of any branded advertising.

eSports has a rapidly growing audience of world-wide players. They span all ages, races and other barriers that traditional advertising may be able to cross, by making purchases and helping to build the hype for such products and partnerships. However, there’s another consideration here: Players are unknowingly helping set a precedent for more ads and opening the door to more advertising companies.

Although, when purchasing Louis Vuitton, maybe that $15 in-game skin looks like a better deal than that $5,600 leather jacket.