Our Science


We live in an increasingly connected world, where consumer behavior is influenced by unexpected events and, therefore, shifts on an ongoing basis. Brands aren’t in control anymore. Now, to connect with a consumer, you and your product or service have to fit into their lives. Understanding consumer behavior is your best way to maintain relevance.

Understanding Need-based Behavior

When it comes to personality and attitude, consumers are identified easily enough through their purchase actions—but are harder to qualify around a bigger picture. Behavior, and understanding their motivations, is much broader, and the data is now available to analyze the consumers’ needs and drivers.

Connecting the Dots

Our process combines data (AI), at scale, with human analysis and critical thinking (HI). We layer quantitative behavior with qualitative need-based observations to create a richer audience story. Utilizing these two data sets allows us to uncover the “why” that drives relevant engagement.

Our Science

How We Think

Uncovering “why” isn’t a crystal ball or a set of numbers—it’s a process of looking at where we’ve been and where we are now, so we can better understand where we’re going. By exploring consumer touchpoints, cultural shifts and core needs we can determine what drives their decisions.


  • Apply client parameters
  • Define consumer type
  • Pull data


  • Filter through proprietary lens
  • Create need-based audiences
  • Connect consumer insights


  • Tailor audience needs to client project
  • Identify opportunities
  • Align category adjacencies


  • Need-based activation
  • Identify deployment tactics
  • Explore opportunity gaps

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