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What We Offer

We provide a unique view of how consumers and brands relate to one another. Our data collection platform and consulting products help you understand the motivations and opportunities behind behavior, whether you work in B2C or B2B. In other words, we give you the “why.”

Understand Your Audience

Behavior Segmentation

For years companies have segmented audiences by demographics. We help you understand them by their needs and what motivates them to action.

AI + HI = richer audience story, deeper engagement, and actionable messaging.

Audience Personas

Personas create a picture of your target—ours is unique in that we give you their motivations and behavior, so you don’t just have their outward persona…you get the inward, too.

Our Personas help you:

  • Understand the mindset and values that drive the decisions
  • See what your target audience actually does, through observed behavior, not just what they say they do
  • Explore what’s important to them and know why it matters
  • Adapt your communications to constantly changing consumer behavior

Activation & Application

Every Persona needs to be actionable, or it’s really of little use to you. We complete the picture with recommendations around the type of content your target absorbs, what type of campaign attracts them, and generally how to get their attention.

Our Activations help you:

  • Apply your new knowledge to development of content
  • Deliver relevant messaging, in context, at every touchpoint
  • Understand the types of media buys you may want to pursue
  • Uncover opportunities for new product or service innovation
Understand Your Category

Category Reports

Want to know what’s really going on in your category, so you can see where your best opportunity may be? Our custom category reports can help. Market data alone often fails to explain the rationale behind consumer decisions. Our years of tracking motivations—like fear, generosity, indulgence—add to the whole picture. These macro trends come to life with in-market examples and evolutions, telling the story of behavior in a new way.

Category Reports
Scout Tourism

Category Assessment

The SCOUT Report is an overview of a category, showing where it was, where it is, and where it’s headed. This product answers the question of why the category has shifted and shows where it may be headed next. Use it to identify category trends to help focus your brand on what is happening in your segment.

Opportunities & Whitespace

The DIVE Report is a more extensive examination of a category that provides the evidence, the evolutionary timelines, and the “why” of that evolution. This product delves deeper into why the needs have developed and helps determine opportunities for the brand to meet those needs. Use it to identify opportunities for your brand—to see where you can create a product or service to fill the gap, or where you can better message your target about your current offerings.

Services & Applications
Deepen Your Understanding

Services & Applications

We convert need-based behavior observations and data into actionable consumer insights. This helps you take full advantage of emerging trends, so you can be out in front of them. You can also better engage with your current and potential customers, and build superior, relevant brands and products.

Custom Consulting

Data alone can’t bring you new customers. Use your data with a human touch to understand the “whole consumer.” Our Custom Consulting services help provide a path to predict what your customers will do next, and what needs are driving their “why buy?,” and what you need next to move them towards the purchase decision.

Platforms & Applications

We monitor behavior using specialized software—providing our clients a unique view into their areas of interest. Using our behavior-based system, we can watch emerging trends ripple across verticals, helping companies see opportunities earlier and stay ahead of the competition. Most “insight” companies use trailing data to tell the story of tomorrow’s trends through the lens of yesterday’s information. Our system breaks down a subject area into core drivers to see emerging patterns in a unique way.

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