Time to Change Again

Here we are, weeks into the new year. Resolutions, if made, hanging on by a thread. The world seemingly out of control. Our perspective jaded and our lives still held hostage by travel bans, COVID tests, and technology disruption.

Welcome to the new year, indeed.

However, while calendar dates are just that, and don’t, in themselves, bring change, change is inevitably a topic around this time. Yes, in spite of the forced adaptations of the last year, we humans are still busy figuring out what else needs to change. In fact, because of the  pandemic, we likely have some catch up  to do.

We seldom talk about our company on these pages, but we are a good case in point. Instead of down time over the holidays, our core insights team spent its time updating and rebuilding our software inputs. We are all about monitoring behavior, and have nearly 16 years of data in our software that allows us to build timeline and see where behavior has changed the most. We found that, with the drastic changes we’ve seen, new behaviors were being exhibited. So, we “decluttered” our software to improve our work processes.

Other companies are doing the same: thinking about what needs to be changed, rebuilt, or thrown out. Archiving history, and data, definitely has its place—and we’ve lost nothing of our data in our rebuild—but this is a time to look to the future and build to meet the needs we foresee.

What needs to be rebuilt in your work processes?