Wisdom vs. Intelligence

There is some online discussion right now about the difference between wisdom and intelligence. The bottom line is that intelligence is about acquiring knowledge. Wisdom is about taking the perspective learned from life and applying it to our knowledge.

In a succinct statement, that is the difference in analyzing your audience by behavior vs. analyzing them only by the data and demographics. Behavior analysis applies the knowledge of who people are, what they do, where they go, and what they buy to the perspective gained from understanding their motivations.

That’s why we call ourselves a “targeted intelligence” company—because we acquire knowledge through data, and then apply it with the perspective gained from observing behavior and recording it since 2006.

We often get asked to explain what we do, and how it differs from the old ways of doing segmentation. We are asked how we can be so on target with our understanding of how people need to receive information. It’s because we’ve acquired knowledge and learned to apply wisdom to it.

At WHYSDOM, we work with targeted intelligence to apply wisdom to your brand.