WHYSDOMCustomer-Sight Intelligence & Outreach Platform

Cookieless First-Party Data

No cookies. Just human-first data.

Privacy-First Data

We uphold to all global PII compliance standards including NIST, GDPR, and California Privacy Rights Act.

Attribution for Proven ROI

Know how your investment contributes to the bottom-line using WHYSDOM’s proprietary attribution model.

The 21st Century Tech Stack for 20/20 Customer Vision

We solve your toughest business challenges by synchronizing the most advanced adtech and martech tools into a single Customer-Sight Intelligence Platform to identify your past, present and future customers and engage them with precision targeted messaging at scale.

Know Where


People Have Been & What They Do

We can see your customers’ locations and movements. Where they’ve been, where they are now, and even where they may be going using our location-based science for hyper-local messaging.

Know Why


People Do What They Do

We bring clarity to who your ideal customer personas are and identify which ones to engage first. We also give you “the why” by examining human behavior based on actual observations rather than self-reported data. This enables us to create need-based personas with a sharper focus as to who your customers are and why they do what they do.


People are Saying & With Whom They Share Information

By listening to what your customers are saying, how they are saying it, and with whom, we’re able to create highly relevant messages to attract and motivate.

Know How


to Engage for Maximum Effectiveness at Scale

We pull together the WHY, WHERE, and WHAT to deliver contextually relevant messages that are precision-targeted to increase engagement at scale and reduce media waste.

WHYSDOM - Know Why

The Behavior Science Advantage


  • Observed Behavior vs Reported:  know why your audiences do what they do based on observed behavior and not just on what they say they do.
  • Behavior-Based Messaging:  our behavior science gives us the depth to know what matters most to your audiences for precision-targeted, relevant messaging.
  • Adapt & Innovate:  your audiences are not a fixed point and neither should you be. We help you stay in-touch and on-top of what’s going on, allowing you to adapt and innovate.


WHYSDOM Recognized in REI’s Top 100 Technology Companies

The Revenue Enablement Institute has identified companies at the forefront of advanced analytics, AI, and machine learning that enable companies to transform the way they do business today.

REI Top 100

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