WHYSDOM /ˈwizdəm/:

Defining where your company fits in a consumer-centric world.

WHYSDOM - Know Why

The Behavior Science Advantage

  • Understand the influences, motivations and values that drive consumer decisions
  • Use observed behavior, not just reported, to see what your target audience actually does, not just what they say they do
  • Explore what’s important to your audience and know why it matters
  • Deliver relevant messaging, in context, at every touchpoint
  • Adapt your messaging and innovation to constantly changing consumer behavior
Point of Difference

We Are Obsessed with “WHY”

Our process combines AI data with HI (human intelligence) analysis to create a more compelling audience understanding and story. Utilizing these two data sets, at scale, allows us to uncover the whys that drive relevant engagement.


  • Target Identification
  • Monitoring & Comparative Studies (over time)
  • Identification of Drivers & Values
  • Activations for Messaging & Innovation


  • Snapshots
  • Generational Behaviors
  • Evolutionary Timelines & Overviews
  • Extensive Examinations of Markets & Categories

and Applications

  • Category Insights
  • Innovation Services
  • Custom Consulting
  • Data-driven Personas
  • Inspiration & Discovery Software
  • Insights as a Service


Virtual Culture Kids

Kids are not only adopting and associating themselves with the culture of their surroundings—but also with a culture they are creating online.

What Makes Us Unique

We’ve combined our services into our “WHYSDOM Platform,”
making it easy for you to understand your target. You get:


  • Identifies consumers through the needs and drivers found in their digital content
  • Consumer insights based on observed behavior rather than self-reported (panel) data
  • Provides driver-based behavior data, not “technical” or numbers-only data that is not always actionable or approachable


  • Creates relevant insights and key words for activation partners based on target needs and interests, maximizing connectivity and engagement
  • Provides the insights for messaging that can be used in activations (including advertising, stakeholder communications, social media) by observing content needs
  • Identifies specific language style, format and context for relevant messaging that attracts and motivates the target audience


  • Helps develop tools to position the audience through activation recommendations
  • Provides proprietary analysis of device data which has a higher value for long-term relationship building, not just one-off campaigns
  • Furnishes segmented audience Personas for hyper-local messaging and media opportunities


  • Project specific personas with preferences and need-based insights
  • Creative brief insights and guardrails for relevant messaging
  • Activation strategies for engagement and target context
  • Access target archetypes and personas for media retargeting

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