Defining where your company fits in a consumer-centric world.

WHYSDOM - Know Why

The Behavior Science Advantage

  • Understand the influences, motivations and values that drive consumer decisions
  • Use observed behavior, not just reported, to see what your target audience actually does, not just what they say they do
  • Explore what’s important to your audience and know why it matters
  • Deliver relevant messaging, in context, at every touchpoint
  • Adapt your messaging and innovation to constantly changing consumer behavior
Point of Difference

We Are Obsessed with “WHY”

Our process combines AI data with HI (human intelligence) analysis to create a more compelling audience understanding and story. Utilizing these two data sets, at scale, allows us to uncover the whys that drive relevant engagement.


  • Target Identification
  • Monitoring & Comparative Studies (over time)
  • Identification of Drivers & Values
  • Activations for Messaging & Innovation


  • Snapshots
  • Generational Behaviors
  • Evolutionary Timelines & Overviews
  • Extensive Examinations of Markets & Categories

and Applications

  • Category Insights
  • Innovation Services
  • Custom Consulting
  • Data-driven Personas
  • Inspiration & Discovery Software
  • Insights as a Service


Holistic Health and Pharmaceuticals

While the world is focused on the rollout and creation of the COVID-19 vaccine, there’s a lot of disruption happening within the pharmaceutical industry—and not all of it is tied strictly to medicine.

What Makes Us Unique

We’ve combined our services into our “WHYSDOM Platform,”
making it easy for you to understand your target. You get:


  • Identifies consumers through the needs and drivers found in their digital content
  • Consumer insights based on observed behavior rather than self-reported (panel) data
  • Provides driver-based behavior data, not “technical” or numbers-only data that is not always actionable or approachable


  • Creates relevant insights and key words for activation partners based on target needs and interests, maximizing connectivity and engagement
  • Provides the insights for messaging that can be used in activations (including advertising, stakeholder communications, social media) by observing content needs
  • Identifies specific language style, format and context for relevant messaging that attracts and motivates the target audience


  • Helps develop tools to position the audience through activation recommendations
  • Provides proprietary analysis of device data which has a higher value for long-term relationship building, not just one-off campaigns
  • Furnishes segmented audience Personas for hyper-local messaging and media opportunities


  • Project specific personas with preferences and need-based insights
  • Creative brief insights and guardrails for relevant messaging
  • Activation strategies for engagement and target context
  • Access target archetypes and personas for media retargeting

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