About Us

Who We Are

Whysdom is a need-based behavior science company that helps everyone from Fortune 500 brands, entrepreneurs, organizations, and non-profits understand the “whys” of human behavior, in real time.


We believe that by observing behavior we can translate that into actionable insights & steps that help brands build their business.


Our history includes close to 50 years as a marketing communications organization (Noble Communications), with many of those years spent building a reliable, trusted insights engine that connects the dots between consumers and brands.


Leveraging the rise of big data we use our WHYSDOM Platform to collect and categorize consumer behavior. Our mission is to help brands identify and understand the core motivators and needs of their audience.

Uniquely Human

Our Leadership Team

WHYSDOM values the behavior of real people. We are passionate about knowing what makes them decide on this versus that, what is influencing them, why they do what they do, go where they go, and like what they like. So, we’ve banded a group of insights experts together to continuously observe people’s behavior and put some parameters around it so brands can get to the heart of the matter quickly.

Bob Noble

Chief Executive Officer

David Nehmer

President, CCO

Colby Mace

Chief Marketing Officer

Locke Hilderbrand

Chief Insights Officer

Kay Logsdon

Chief Applications Officer

Damion McDunn

Chief Technical Officer

Stacy Sullivan-Nipstad

Senior Analyst

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